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The Big Wail

written by Hanna Pyliotis
performed by Jayne Walling
Directed by Britt Small 

The Big Wail is an infectiously engaging, comical tale about a fish from the bottom that rises to the top.

Bertha, a little bottom-feeding fish, on the bottom of the food chain, from the bottom of the ocean floor, is a sea cleaner. She cleans everything she sees.


When something un-cleanable arrives in her sea garden it’s up to her to get to the bottom of it.

On her perilous quest, she meets a sassy salmon, a porpoise with a purpose and a killer whale who maybe isn’t so killer after all.

A play about family, appearances, and swimming against the current.

This is a solo show that uses music, song, clown, mask and the wonders of
our natural world to speak about our changing oceans.

Performed as part of Intrepid Theatre's New Works Cabaret in 2022 and Theatre SKAM' Skampede Festival 2021

Available for touring, book here:

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