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Anima was abandoned in a wood as a baby. Raised by her best friend, a doll, Anima and her companion repeat the same ritual until one of them realises she has outgrown her role in their story.

Mixing paganistic ritual with physical theatre, haunting yet hilarious piano melodies with the dances of wild children, ANIMA is the surreal fairy tale of the modern family trying to find their way in the woods of lost hopes. 


How do fusional childhood friendships worshipping sameness affect our transition to adulthood? Is it possible to grown without hurting ourselves? How can we learn to love the tarnished veneer of our own evolution, and access the lost child behind the mask? 

Written, directed and played by: 

Alexandra Agullo Soler, Juliette Mosconi, Jayne Walling

Music composition and performance:

Juliette Mosconi

Performed at Probedone d'Abaigt, summer 2015

Performing Arts Forum, 2016

Young Arts Paris, 2016

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