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“A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.” 

― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet 


Dr. Elizabeth Blake discovers her patient's Erotophobia (fear of sex) is inexplicably linked to the lives of several female prostitutes from the past and across the globe.


In a non-orthodox conference, Elizabeth takes us on an exploration of this unusual case using mask and music. Between the lines, a thinly veiled obsession with her patient begins progressively to emerge.


Part thesis, part psychological thriller, and part cabaret, Love for Sale explores the origins of our fears and the price of female sexuality with tenderness, humour, and Power Point. 

Based on a true story.


Jayne Walling


Federico Schwindt

Assistant Director

Noéli Morizot

Mask Direction

Shabnam Salehzada 


Created by Jayne Walling with Manufacture Imago, Montreuil

Costume Support

Marguerite Lantz, Megan Gilron

Poster Image

Amy Gibson


Espace Culturelle des Arts du Masque

Manufacture Imago

Centre Nationale de la Danse

Le Cinq, le 104

Quality Inn, Downtown Inner Harbour, Victoria

Promo video English:

Promo video Français:

Show History & News: 

August 22-September 1st 2018, performances at the Victoria Fringe Festival, in Canada. 

October 12-14 2018, performances as part of Paris Fringe Festival, Paris.

December 2018 - première of french version of Love for Sale at Espace Culturelle des Arts des Masques

November 2016: research and development in Pantin, performance at Young Arts Paris in the Studio Akuarim. 


January 2018 - residency at Espace Culturelle des Arts des Masques, Paris 19ème. 

July 2018 - residency in Paris, Centre Nationale de la Danse

August 2017-January 2018: research and development at the Cinq, au 104 Paris. 

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