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Marion Leatherby is 92 years old, and deaf. One glorious day, her best friend Carmella gives her a hearing trumpet. Upon returning home, Marion overhears her family plotting to send her away to a retirement home, and together, Marion and Carmella plan their great escape. 

Based on the novel by Leonora Carrington, "The Hearing Trumpet" is Dark Matter Theatre's first creation. We use clown, mask to create a surreal and magical performance which questions where reality ends and imagination begins. "The Hearing Trumpet" has toured Paris, London and Barcelona. 

"Fauve Alice and Jayne Walling are skilled comic performers... the seeds of something fascinating" The Stage, review 2016

Acting                                                                                                                         Directing

Fauve Alice, Jayne Walling                                                                               Javier Ariza Barcina

Writing                                                                                       Music Composition

Coleen MacPherson                                                                                                    Matt Huxley

Original Mask Creation                                                                                                   Poster

Stefano Perocco di Meduna                                                                                       Jayne Walling

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